British Columbia Country Music Association
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Garth Johannesson

Emily Taylor Adams

Nikita Afonso

Taylor Allum

Beth Marie Anderson


Karen Lee Batten

Jaydee Bixby

David Borys

Kelly Brock

Brodie Dawson & Luke Guthrie

Chad Brownlee

Bryce Allan Band

Kristin Carter

Pat Chessell

Chris Buck Band

Noelle Christie

Andrew Christopher

Dakota Pearl

Roger Dalton

Michael Daniels

Brad Darrid

Elli Hart Dirty Mountain

Jenni Doyle

Shae Dupuy

Gary Fjellgaard

Doug Folkins

Jay Francois

GB Roots

Thomas Greco

Joyce Grennan

Aaron Halliday

Jesse Allen Harris

Angela Harris

Dave Hartney

Becca Hess

Kenny Hess

Horse Opera

Ron Irving

Jackson Hollow

Peter James

Ajaye Jardine

Kathryn Jean

Johnny Johnson

Just A Season

Peggy Kinsman

Ben Klick

Jayme Knyx

Antonio Larosa

Brent Lee

Tianna Lefebvre

Melissa Livingstone

Justine Lynn

Wes Mack

Danny Mack

Jenn Makepeace

Danielle Marie

JoJo Mason

Me and Mae

Moonshine Mollys

Myles Murphy

Trevor Murray

Lisa Nicole

Faith Numada

One More Girl

Outlaw Poets

Aaron Pritchett

Ray Ramsay

April Reign

Todd Richard

Geoff Robertson

Rockin' Chair

Rollin' Trainwreck

Rowdy Spurs

Shylo Sharity

Cassandra Smith

Dallas Smith

Son of John

Sons of Daughters

Nicole Sumerlyn

The County Line

The Heels

The Hillside Outlaws

The New Shackletons

The Washboard Union

The Whiskey Jays

Patsy Thompson

Rick Tippe

Howard Titman

Troy Toma

Merv Tremblay

Twin Kennedy

Megan Twist

Bud Webb

Dion Weisbrod

Tommy West

Whiskey Jane

Whiskey Karma

Beamer Wigley

Brett Williams

Sky Wyatt

Natasha Zimbaro
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